After Many Days....


After so many days of pumping posts at it, my Plume instance has sucked up the last of the LiveJournal Archive. Plume is sitting on and has federated 6.571 entries.

Granted the VOX archives aren’t complete yet and I have to manually do the #BingoBling one, but that isn’t tremendously as big as the LiveJournal one is.

I did discover that at some point I injected duplicate and triplicate posts in to LiveJournal which is something I can just get rid of by deleting the individual entries, that is a very low priority.

Now that the main job is done I can cool down from this for a while, it locked Plume in trying to handle all the traffic and federation jobs, so now I can just blog like a normal person and not totally spam the Fediverse.

The next question is what do I do about LiveJournal, for a long time when the capitalist scumdog pigs our friends at #666Apartfucked up LiveJournal forever ignored the LiveJournal community and sold it to a Russian company that eventually got sucked in to Rambler. On top of all that it is subject to Russian law which isn’t too friendly to the LGBTQ community and considers a blog with a large following to be a Media company (and thus tow the line of Pootie-Poot).

Right now, Plume isn’t cross posting to LiveJournal or my backup at DreamWidth and the question is, with everything (and much like Twatter by Phony Stark), do I call it time on the goat.

That, however, is a question for another time.