I did a thing, I went to a place

Paris is so beautiful this time of year

On Thursday I signed myself up to an information session from the Pôle Emploi because I need to start getting out of my little home tech bubble and I actually do need a bit of help with my serious lack of CV skillz and since Brexit a bunch of other things I’ve noticed in the job market. Plus being burnt out by two awful managers does allow one to spiral down if you’re not careful.

The place was located in the far end of the 14ème, which my only options were taking Ligne 13 or RATP (Rentre Avec Tes Pieds - go home with your feet).

Ligne 13

For reasons above, I decided to use the classical option. God knows I need to get outside more and not in the spending hours on Cities Skylines kind of way1. It was a good hour walk where I got a lot of encouragement from my FitBit for finally getting off the sofa.

As you are probably aware, right now Macron has angered pretty much everybody at this point, and in my part of the city there is a private company that is still picking up the rubbish. I suspect this might be because my neighbours are The Saudi, UAE, and Chinese embassies being the most notable of the many that are within a few minutes walk.

My walk to the event took me straight in to areas that are currently not receiving rubbish collections and because I really haven’t had the need (or desire to be super honest) to get too far out of my house, I’ve not had the opportunity to see the results of Le Roi 49.3’s pointless and brutal actions in person2.

Macron’s Rubbish Legacy

It was an experience, thankfully I guess, my sense of smell has been pretty fucked for a while so I didn’t get the whole force of the thing, but this photo is of the smallest one I saw in my passing. I saw a bus stop surrounded by a huge pile of rubbish but I didn’t take a photo of that because people were sat there, unamused, and it wasn’t the polite thing to do.

All of this because one disconnected asshole, avoiding debate in the Assemblée Nationale by using a piece of constitutional law that should only ever be used as a last resort and not 10 times in the last year.

The super cynical part of me thinks the government is doing this to take attention away from some other legislation that is fucking horrendous that has just recently been voted through.

I guess this post turned a bit rambling, so I’m just going to finish off by saying, while I am a little bit isolated from the consequences of the strike action because I don’t have to rely on public transport to be somewhere and I’m piggy backing off of the super riche that the current King of France wants to appeal to, I do firmly support these actions. We’ve allowed our society to be fucked up by capitalist assholes like Macron for too long, and it’s great that I live in a country that just won’t take that shit lying down.

In the end, I got there, did my meeting, got a little interview booked for next week to go through what I need in particular to adapt my job searching (as it is getting super depressing, since Ghost Jobs are a thing now) and also to recalibrate what I’m prepared to accept. This is the first time in my working life that I can for the most part get by without having to take the first shitty job or clown employer that will say yes, so I want to use it right.


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Well, except that time I joined a march and walked blindly into a scuffle between the police and Black Block.