I think you'll find that I'm tired

I should probably go to sleep in my box

If you’ve been keeping up with the news on technically sus, you’ll have seen the almost live blogging of the things I’ve done to move this blog to where it is right now. I shant bother you about this any further.

I will however write a final little post before I go to bed and after I did a little batch of imports from my Logarion archive.

As I’ve been going through my old content from the blogs of years gone, by hand because I’m a sadist, it has been quite interesting to read back some of my thoughts from a couple years ago, or a couple decades ago. Right now you’re probably fed up of seeing my posts floating around the fediverse, but in a decade, I’ll be glad that I wrote absolute nonsense online.

No doubt I’ll look back upon it with the rose tinted joy of these years, before heading out to the corporate water wars as another gear in the machine thinking that we actually did a whole thing about the retirement age.

Anyways, tangent aside, I’m using a lot of words to show you this - I’ve been at a loss of what to do with some christmas lights I’ve had knocking spare and the cats seemed to have some difficulty with the lack of lighting by their bowls. So I did a thing.

New Lighting for the felines

If that wasn’t enough, because the weather is getting nicer, the boys want to be outdoors a bit more. Problem is that, because reasons, there are quite a few flies around and other airborne insects I do not like and I needed to find a decent solution to make this work for everybody. And I did.

DIY Champion

DIY Champion but Inside

As you can imagine the results of this setup, plus a couple of boxes for that pizazz, had quite the seal of approval

Samuel L Catson living the Antibes Lifestyle

Spoopy Jarod Stares