LiveJournal - Alas, the end always comes

A goodbye note to the LiveJournal I have loved for over twenty years, recorded here as an archived post

Hello LiveJournal,

I have been here for many many many many years but I feel it is the right time to say goodbye (kind of).

LiveJournal has always been a big part of my life and as people grow they sometimes drift a part. My relationship with LJ is one of those.

While I still do keep an eye on things here, I’m not really invested as I once was and that is a sad truth.

However, that is not to say I’ve stopped journalling. I continue my journey on my self-hosted blog / journal / who really knows what it is that is running in the Fediverse using Plume.

You can see all my entries, including all my posts dating back to the early 2000s over at

so long and thanks for all the fish