Proton is bringing the game to the game yo

Well this is an interesting development for a digital hoarder. Btw this ain't sponsored #NotAnAd

Yesterday I got a rather interesting email from Proton

Subject: We’re doubling your storage space

Proton 6TB

Starting today, we’re doubling your base storage space to 6 TB for free. This gives you more space to store your emails, files, and memories.

One of my main problems with Proton was although I have the visionary package (I paid in advance, thankfully as my poor ass couldn’t afford it now) the long time limit to that package was 30GB and I’m currently riding a mailbox of about 20GB. When Proton Drive came out, being mail heavy made the drive not that useful.

Then they increased the space by a lot, I think I got a few terabytes. This email, well nice, I got a lot of terabytes now.

I’m undecided what I do here, I really love Nubo and I mean I love everything about it, they’re Delta Chat friendly, the cloud uses Nextcloud so everything syncs great, and its a cooperative. The only “negatives” and I use that loosely, is the storage cost, and that is only dictated by me and my usage and that the cloud storage isn’t encrypted (unless you use something like Cryptomator).

Nubo Pricing

With my cloud and mail, I’m using over 50GB which is pricey, and currently a bit of an issue on my side.

This is where I’m in the middle, I should probably be using Proton for more now that my account has a monsterous amount of available space, however, all is not perfect. Proton has some issues here :

  • Doesn’t work with Delta Chat, even Proton Mail Bridge strips the DC headers and breaks it
  • No auto-sync for files on any platform
  • Non-PGP encrypted emails lack translations and have to have a password for exchange1
  • No ability to properly integrate Calendar / Addressbook (either via a sync app or CalDav / CardDav)

I want to swap over one of my domains to Proton again, but I do need to be able to use IMAP / SMTP for an application. It should have been easy enough with the bridge and a dedicated account, except, protonbridge-cli is a fucking nightmare in Debian. I’ve not got it to work, at all.

The lack of features is also an issue on top of Proton just being another corporation and we all know you can’t trust shit when they get too big and bought.

For the moment I might do a move of some data off Nubo or run an archive on the mailbox to reduce my usage there, maybe retry protonbridge-cli and see what happens.


The solution I have to this is Canary Mail which isn’t entirely ideal but it allows a lax version of secure email (eg I want to be able to revoke the message, have some base level verification of the receipient, and / or transmit low level mails with encryption guaranteed).