Sayônara Twitter

Good work Elno, that 45D chess is working out

Let’s be real that Twitter has for quite a while been an absolute hellscape brought to you by Twitter Blue and every dumb shit decision a desperate billionaire makes to make people love him. So really this post has been overdue for a while now, but I did manage to insulate my feed a bit by some strategic blocks and really just paying attention to the accounts I’ve always been there to see.

Lately the Blue Check Cunt Brigade have been slipping in to the comments of these accounts with some pretty horrific opinions, so I blocked them, and then I just stopped checking the replies. But what has happened over the last 24 hours, that’s something new.

When I was done my little scroll last night everything seemed to be mostly normal, but this morning, holy fuck Elon, all the sludge of Twitter was right there, in my face, at that hour, and no amount of blocking could do the job.

We’ve know that Twitter has been morally bankrupt for some time now, but it would seem they’ve changed the algorithm to super promote any loser who pays eight bux and stokes the ego of this petty narcissist which I have no doubt will continue the death spiral since Space Karen managed to fuck off Twitters majority revenue stream a few months back.

It is a shame since I’ve had my account since the early days of Twitter but at least I get to say I watched it burn before the lights went out for good.

And honestly, with all those nazis strolling around the place, somebody should really chain the doors as that fucker blazes.

I should also make a note that my account will still be posting there, because that’s how bots work.

edit 13.04.2023 : I’ve downloaded and created my Twitter archives, which are available here