Yet Another Garbage TechBro Company(TM)

Ironic how this email falls shortly after I re-uploaded my post Corporate Surveillance Bots are Real, but here we are in 2023 where American TechBros think they can do whatever they like.

Let me expand this short rant I posted on the old social medias : is a business that thinks it is fine to steal your information and build a profile about you, let’s see how they sell that to the CNIL

email from

If that wasn’t unethical enough, they demand more personal information to remove the information you never gave them in the first place

screenshot from

It of course gets better, you have to accept their terms and conditions to remove data from a business you never authorised to have your data at all

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I’ve scoured their website and emailed the obligatory data deletion demand, in French of course because this shit is going to end up as a complaint to the CNIL (and am I fuck translating all of that by hand), and now I wait 30 days to be ignored. I say this, because I know full well a business that operates like this has no interest in the minor technicalities of the law pertaining to personal data.