Soon it is birthday

He can has cheezeburger

Because I missed Jarod’s paperwork birthday last year, mainly because I was slightly more concerned about his worms at the time, I have a reminder set to celebrate it this year.

Granted, he’s a street cat so his paperwork is kind of best guess. He’s likely to be 10 this year but his paperwork says 7 and the association thought he was 8, so he might even be 9 and absolutely zero guarantee he was born anytime near April. But this is what the Identification des Carnivores Domestiques en France has on file and quite frankly if that’s what the Ministère de l’Agriculture et de la Souveraineté Alimentaire believes I’m going to fall in line.

The plan for the day is he gets meat, obvs, and if I can get the harness on him I might take him out in to the prohibited zone of outside the front door, which is basically a small area on the other side of the terrasse fence that I have no idea why he always wants to go see it.

Here is a photo of him shortly after he arrived and had to be kept inside for a month (as per the association’s contract but also since he is a street cat he has a high risk of flight in the first few weeks of a new home).