South Englandshire

Putting the Great in to "Don't Swim in the Water Because it's Full of Piss, Shit, and Jellyfish"

I’m writing this now a bit rushed knowing full well that my internet will be cut off for about a week or so and I’ll regret that entire period for not spaffing out this post in to the ether.

My father gave me a little break from the overwhelming state of dread I’m having at home by paying for a getaway to the banging tourist destination of Ipswich. Getting there was not fun, my NaviGo is blocked for non-payment and I couldn’t find my OysterCard, so I had to walk 10km across Paris and London to get to my trains. Travelling in précarité is not a recommendation I’d ever make, the mental and physical toll of that is unbelievable.

I got bumped to a train earlier they were trying to fill, so it meant my already long turn around in London got even longer.

London Liverpool Street Station

It has been a good decade since I last spent any time in Little England and I’m honestly glad I left there. You can see the real damage decades of Tory policies have ruined towns and peoples lives.

Don’t Steal Please xoxo

But this isn’t about being depressed, since father was kind enough to fill me with food of all kinds and drop me a few English Pounds to enjoy my time, he also included me on his wild ride of a pub life and it has been quite some time since I managed to drink and smoke as much as I did without collapsing my fragile financial situation so badly that my rent couldn’t be paid.

Culinary Experience - Doner

Culinary Experience - Breakfast

Some of the good things though was getting the motivation to get outside, I imagine this might have been more linked to the energy I got from eating meals more than once every two days, and those meals being actual meals and not just some rice or pasta that barely make an impact nutritionally. I was also able to buy some real cheap shoes from Primarni so I wasn’t walking around in winter boots all the time.


park lies

goose bastards

Ipswich football grounds

a church


Christchurch Park

I was also able to get my haircut, which is a cost of 10€ I have been offsetting for months, and that also gave me a little kick.

Hair did

I’m not going to write too much about the conversations, etc since it was pretty normal stuff and not a whole lot of information I’ll need in years (nor do I want to hoof that in the public sphere). But over all it was a good time.

To finish off this post I also grabbed a Pot Noodle, as far as “food” (and emphases the quotation marks here) is a guilty pleasure, that if you haven’t experienced you totally should.

Culinary Experience - Pot Noodle

Here are some other photos that I didn’t really have much to write about, but are here for your pleasure :

fat boy breakkie

english selfie

train out