The End of The Month is so Dire in Capitalism

I personally blame Macron

I peaked here with the title of the entry and now brain no work for the content. It is the ritualistic last week of the month and with everything going on, like the electric rates going up by 5cts per kWh, Carrefour being hilarious with their russian roulette pricing structure, and neo-liberal jerk bags like Macron who slice chômage and social assistance while back handing billions to businesses that can certainly afford not to get free money.

Anyways, I heard that Cities Skylines had some new free content and I have to say it did amuse me for about an hour before the new city I created to test them out started to get a bit boring and total mayhem.

I also prepared for my meeting tomorrow morning to get a little bit of help on the old job search front. Other than that, I ain’t got much else to say for the moment.

Also, here is Jarod doing his thing Jarod Lounging Like He Pays Bills