The False Call of Nostalgia

Member Berries are a wild drug

I think the longer I remain cooped up in my little echo chamber, cos reasons, I find myself falling deeper in to a bit of a member berry influence.

Mostly because I’ve been digging through the past digitally and IRL because I’ve been cleaning up around the place finding all kinds of shit, including the fuck off huge satchel of CDs I used to drag around.

The fashion was awful too

Slightly more recently, I even made a classic old man yells at cloud comment, also because reasons.

old man yells at cloud

Right now we have to admit that the world is pretty fucking awful, the speed we’re all going to fucking die because some old prune wants to milk a few extra dollerydoos in their last breaths, and all this with a fuck tonne of “once in a lifetime” events crashing around us, it is real easy to pine for them good old days.

this old fucking prune in particular can drown

The reality is that we want to go back to that feeling that the world wasn’t just one collective trauma after another, blissful ignorance of how fucked everything is (and was back then). The feeling of excitement as a new piece of technology blossomed creating a community that slowly turned into an utter hellscape where we have fucking nazis parading around like its 1930.

The past wasn’t any better, it just seemed like it was. Tonight for example, I’m sat in an apartment I can barely afford now (hey that’s the best you can get in this economy) but that I managed to get fairly cheaply considering listening to some of my favourite songs from the 90s.

exisiting in this economy

The gateway drug to wanting things to be the old way, but I have the opportunity to snap out of it, because these songs were my favourite because they took me out of the horrible situation that my childhood was and that rosy outlook on ye yesteryears comes back in to focus.

Sure, my childhood was fucking horrible, but at least now I have agency over how fucking shit my life is and what I can do about it. Hell, if I want to sit back and watch it get worse, no mother fucker can stop me from buying and eating a whole god damn birthday cake if I fucking well want to.

Let’s take an example, Aqua’s Barbie Girl released in 1997, I played the shit out of the Aquarium CD, it is also the same CD I was listening to when I was 14 and witnessed a real nasty fight on a tram, wasn’t even phased by it since it was probably the least fucked up thing I had seen up to that age.

That award would be given to Ty Conn who broke out of prison, held up in my neighbour’s basement all night and killed himself in 1999. At least I made 50 bucks selling an audio recording of the police entering the place and you know, that moment, by selling it to CTV as an exclusive.

Anyways, I really got off track here, what I’m saying is there is no going back, time is linear, things change and things were never actually great before. Unless you’re a baby boomer then it really was for you lot, thanks for fucking the rest of us over.


We need to be positive about the future, even though the now ain’t so great, we have the ability to fix the climate catastrophy, fling the dickheads who make shit worse for us out of power1, and bear witness to the remaining Koch brother end their reign of terror because you know, natural lifespans. We ain’t going back, stop trying to force draconian shit on us because you find the transgenders “icky”, ride through it and maybe learn a thing.

Unless we’re talking retro computing, then take us all way back, I’m pretty sure my Macbook has been reciting this whole blog post to Macron and I should expect a knock through my door at the first legal time in the morning for the police state to do just that. Thank Ayn Rand and Maggie Thatcher that my insurance premiums have gone up last year advance for just this moment.

I’m going to end that here because I think I got to the conclusion ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯


edit because Twitter is fucked again at the time of posting : because twitter is fucked