This Late Stage Neo Liberal Brand Capitalism is Fucking Wild

The joys of being in the job market and trying not to die

In Paris the annual everybody fucks off for holiday during August kicks in, so the job market is absolutely so much more fucked than you’d expect.

I’ve seen less and less relevant jobs and have gone full hog in to applying for things that I’m over qualified for, that of course means I get ignored more often now. Except by temp agencies.

I received two call backs, one ghosted me (why is this socially acceptable ?) and the other invited me to an interview. Great I thought, well it wasn’t.

The whole thing was a fucking joke and a half, they didn’t actually have the job I applied for (lol) and the interview was basically a bunch of people in a room explaining themselves to two interviewers like we were just cattle for the slaughter. Very much no fucks given kind of affair and super insulting to do this in a group setting.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been to group interviews where the purpose was to work in groups to see your ability to do so, those are borderline acceptable. This was falling asleep on a night bus and waking up in a depot, exceptionally far off from that limit.

I then got a call back, after I had to walk all the way up there and back, with an offer for a entry level paid at the absolute legal minimum wage temp job in Customer Service.

It took me a day to calm the fuck down and ring them back. They explained the job and that actually management jobs they don’t have at the moment (double lol).

Considering that nothing is happening in the job market for nearly a year at this point, and doing the calculations I should theoretically see a little more income, I’m now debating if I want to (read : have to) accept this bullshit. I have until the end of the afternoon to decide.

Let me tell you how angry I am with this bullshit and this fucking economy of torment we seem to accept. Absolute fucking bullshit that we have to accept is unreal and our lives that are being wasted with these low ball bullshit activities to keep alive.

Can’t wait for the revolution, going to burn down some million euro apartments when it comes.

Edit 03/08/2023 - New Insults from Capitalism

Today I received an invite to an interview, except, this is unreal, the amount of disrespect for the time of the candidate is just mind blowing. No recruiter behind it, just computers making decisions and you can’t speak to somebody unless it decides on some basis that you are worth it for them.

We would like to get to know you better within this automated interview. This is the first step of our recruiting process. Following you will receive two questions. Please answer these questions by sending us a video. You have four days to do this. If you need more time, please contact me. We look forward to receiving your videos!

Much like the company that wasted three hours of my time to ghost me, this company is deciding that my time is worthless to them. If I had a job already I would have genuinely told them to fuck off and I can’t imagine I’m the only person with this level of self worth and awareness that would.

Jokes on them though, I just need a job, any job, and I will do it. I’m desperate and honestly if this is the only segment of the candidates you’re appealing to, you deserve everything you get as a result.

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