VOX - Battle won or not

Originally posted to monkeybox.vox.com


God, I just had a battle of fucking wills just now.  I had to crack open the back of the radio plastic casing (in the car) to move around the wires that Norwich Union bizarrely installed in freakish ways months ago.

I needed to do this to get the radio in properly.  Mind it’s not entirely in properly as the wire is mushing up when I put it in, but there isn’t a single thing I can do about that as I have no access to tug the wire on the way in.

Also, I can’t connect the aerial as the cable is too short, although it isn’t a problem as the aerial itself has been broken for ages anyway.

Even more annoying I need to not only spring around £140 for a service but I also need to have a some kind of belt done as I’ve noticed one of them has a tear starting (yay cunty!).  Oh and the 4wd is fucked, one of the rear wheels sticks so that’ll need to be done at some point (along with a set of five tyres) before it starts sticking in 2wd.

God I fucking hate cars.