Writing here is not Ideal, but it is happening

Mirrored article from my backup blog - k.cymru

This post is a mirror from a unique post I made to k.cymru

Ever since my Plume instance went dark because fucking capitalism puts a price on everything, decided to create this space on a domain I meant to use for a lot of great things but actually just went with sus.fr because I’m that fickle.

I like my little .cymru domain and maybe it needs a bit more loving you know. Granted, WriteFreely isn’t the love it deserves but the need for a lightweight backup space when I’m running on hatred and 4G, that is what I need.

I also learned today that when my ISP locks my connection, they also lock communication between machines on the local network. Fully cutting me off from any kind of access to my own data in my own house.

Anyways, the whole purpose of this blog, nay, journal, is to write my entries to then import them when I get access back to my Plume server (and it is back online).

Annoyingly it does mean that I will have to do a manual import, which is kind of why I held back from writing too much. I did throw up a couple #TasteOfPoverty posts that are going to cause me chaos when I do the copy and paste via the Plume API.

The only real update I have is that I had one interview and a second one setup for Monday, other than that it has been outright rejections or the steady stream of getting ghosted. This is kind of damaging my self worth and also since my rent just went up again this year, my ability to eat food at a level that won’t leave me to die horribly very soon.

Speaking of dying horribly, I can think of two people’s obituaries I will masturbate to, may their end be violent and nothing but suffering as a karmatic return to the gift they have given ❤️

Photo de Neil Mark Thomas sur Unsplash