Everything is fucked

and you better be fucking panicking

I have a feeling somewhere down the line I managed to cause a problem somewhere in Plume. What that might be I have no idea since I can’t get it to actually tell me why.

I tried to create a new blog and when I go to that address I get a 500 Error. Having pulled my last backup of the database and poked around, everything there seems to be right.

My only other thought is I may have fucked something when generating the binaries from the source, it is rather strange this problem only came out when I cracked in 6,5k posts with some real shonky HTML in them but coincidences are sometimes just coincidental.

This is not an ideal thing, since I need to go and figure out where I went wrong. As it seem to not be a database problem, that at least makes life a bit easier since I have no fucking idea how to sqlite other than create DB and read DB in an app.

All things considered, it seems to be holding up, so I’m not going to be awake all night staring in to my screen (well for tonight anyways). But I do need to work out how I’m going to try and reproduce a staging setup, redo the build, and see where I went wrong.