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Hi there! I’m a seasoned blogger with over two decades of experience. I started blogging on LiveJournal back in 2000, sharing my thoughts and experiences with the world. Over the years, I’ve honed my writing skills and built a dedicated following. In 2020, I took the leap and started hosting my content on my own server. Now, I have full control over my blog and the freedom to express myself in my own unique way. Join me on my blogging journey as I continue to share my thoughts, ideas, and experiences with the world.


Paul Levinson @PaulLev@mastodon.social

#author 20 books: #ScienceFiction novels (best known: The Silk Code, The Plot to Save Socrates), media/politics (best known: The Soft Edge, Digital McLuhan, New New Media); prof Fordham Univ in New York City; #podcaster; #SingerSongwriter (LPs: Twice Upon a Rhyme, Spun Dreams, Welcome Up: Songs of Space and Time); most writing these days: time travel, alternate realities; currently reviewing Your Honor =I once had a sign that said a neat desk is a sign of a sick mind, but I lost it.=

Kévin @kc@social.coop

Based in Paris, I run a Wildcat! BBS like it's the early 90s. J'écris les choses sur internet en texte brut.

TechInsight @TechInsight@mastodon.social

Trying to gain and share insight about the latest technology.

Benjamin Kwiecień :eo: @ben@kwiecien.us

🌍 Esperantist, educator, and amateur linguist
📚 BA in Persian language and literature
🎙️ Host of Gemini Radio 💁
➡️ gemini://kwiecien.us
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