Breaking News (and Things) - Server Move

It went kind of OK until I fucked it up

I’ve just completed the server move.

I built Plume from the source, got an error when it came to the Japanese search index, thought it would be OK to go on.

It was ❓ Then I copied the database from one machine to the other, and that was fine. I also transferred the contents of the media files, they seemed fine too.

Repointed the CDN to the new location for the media files, and that was fine too.

I did the warm up steps, that was fine.

As you can see it was all fine, until it wasn’t. Turns out that mod_security really has a huge problem with the fediverse, as in, it blocked, firewalled, and reported most of the fediverse.


And of course since the server was down for a while while all of this happened, various fediverse servers hit all at once to retry their posts, triggering a huge blocking campaign.

oops dot gif

Bit of panicked googling (it was that bad) and a bunch of shitty advice on the internet not working, I managed to get mod_security to stop being a total dick. I then had to delete all the reports my servers made in the past hour to avoid creating problems for these IP addresses.

Now everything is ticking over for the most part, I think. Although I did notice a bit of a problem, not too sure how it happened :

these icons don’t exist

But literally not a now problem, purely cosmetic and I’ll look at it mañana.

I’ve not checked the speed or how it’s going on that front, I just hope it is OK enough and still federating correctly. We shall see.