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Here I write about some of the technical aspects of and

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WildDuck Email in Production Test

Famous last words : "I like this mail server, even though it isn't exactly prod ready"

Fucking fuckity fuck fuck fucker

Database migration went bad

Well That Was a Waste of Time

Database Hell, RIP my sanity

Internet Paid, Back Online

You should know the score by now

Preparing for Lights Out

It is coming and I just have to accept this

Cunts in Tech sus 1

Fuck Google and Fuck Googlebot

Up and Down Like a Tart's Knickers

I'm sure we both know why this is happening, and no I'm not ok thanks.

The Instance is Back Online

Because I paid the bill #MoneyFixesEverything

My NAS Drive Might Be Dead

Literally everything is fucked, files are missing, things are down and I can not

What do at sus HQ

I'll tell you one thing, it ain't a pump and dump crypto scam

Rehaul of the internal mail system

Showery autumn • A dead, fancy bird slithers • in spite of the lake

Postfix Stops Loading on VM Because lol ?

Thanks for that, now there is a new internal relay