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Fuck Google and Fuck Googlebot

Here at qg.sus we like to follow events in the tech industry. Mainly because we have no choice and Silicone Valley fuckwits are just going to fuck around because nobody tells them no or their parents didn’t beat them enough1.

In what I fear may become a regular series here at technically sus, we explore the Cunts in Tech who really are being fucking unreal right now. In today’s episode : Totes not evil™ Google.

Google, much like some other companies (fuck you Salesforce) seems to think that they can just steal what they want but if you create a new app or product that they decide they want or kind of looks like a thing they did once if you squint, then watch how fast you’re litigated out of existence2.

I personally use AI products, mainly to help me out when I lack originality or just need a load of bullshit text and because Open AI fucking owes me for digesting my entire web presence since the early 2000s but I certainly didn’t agree to them just helping themselves. In fact my CC licence is Non-commerical, but what am I going to do ? Sue Open AI or Google ?

lol point gif

I’ve got on my high horse now and I blocked Googlebot from helping itself to my content, which I mean would be a big thing, except Google can’t find shit any more since its all ads and SEO SPAM. I also get about three hits from a Google search and I am 100% sure that it is just a spoofed referrer from a Web App exploit infected host.

Yahoo! fakexcitement

While I’m here I’d like to congratulate Yahoo! for winning the search engine wars in a surprising last battle victory of not having any money to use AI search nonsense.

Anyways, do I think this will do anything ? No probably not, I don’t expect Google to respect robots.txt, but I probably will just black hole Google’s IP ranges on all my firewalls or maybe just get creative and use a GPT API to generate junk content for Google’s AI to consume. Thus poisoning the well until one day the AI can only dribble nonsense (well more so than normal anyways).


I’m not the arbiter of morality, but lets be honest some people just need a punch or fourty to bring them back down to reality. Case in point, #techbros


Don’t believe me, create a fuck machine brand called iFuk and see how quickly a certain company comes to get you