Internet Paid, Back Online

You should know the score by now

It has been a very long nine days that my ISP cut me off, I discovered some very interesting quirks of their method and I suspect it might be a soft lock since local machines cease to talk to each other.

Error E81

I am half tempted to see if that can be, um, reverse engineered, but I sense that could get me in to some real trouble. God knows I’m probably already Fiche-S for daring to taunt the King, so I would be best to not do the above.

I’m hoping that this month is where I can turn things around, I have some stocks in transfer, it could take weeks they say but if it is only three weeks then I can at least sell some to catch back up. I hope this will be the case as honestly, I can’t deal with paying a full month plus extra charges for not paying and only getting 20 days of usable internet with all my servers dropping off the face of the earth.