Notice - Server Move in Progress may become wild for a little bit today

I’m sure somewhere I wrote a manifesto about why I want to host my own things myself or using cooperative run services. I should find that and import it since it would be great to link that here.

Anyways, after doing all of this back work, I figured in for a penny, in for a pound and I’m preparing the hardware to de-cloud

Reinstalling on KAJA

The machine I’m installing Ubuntu on to is KAJA which I previously had cPanel running on, I’ve not used it for web or email for a couple months now, and cPanel hilariously trying to charge 60 dollerydoos a month1 because their pricing structure is a bit stupid, made the decision super easy.

Fuck you cPanel

I’ve got the impression some of the more recent crashes of Plume are the responsibility of Oracle since it seems around 7h30 in the morning precisely, it goes down.

This machine is being fronted by Joshua, so less overhead for a web server and the firewall (since that’s Joshua’s job).

Once I’ve got Plume setup on Kaja, the Oracle server will be stopped for me to copy the database and files over to Kaja and commence with the installation. I think it should be about an hour from offline to online, and the connectivity parts handled after (and it’ll be more silent since transitioning Pagekite to the new machine takes seconds and can be kept up while the DNS propagates.

I’ll pop a status update when the big stuff starts, as I’m still waiting for Ubuntu to finish that install.


Keyword here is metal - any physical machine to them has to be at the most expensive option