OH.MG is now Text-Only

Ok, ok, I'm lazy and it took a while but here we are

I’ve been spending a whole lot of time doing work on the web side of things, this being sus.fr that I kind of overlooked OH.MG (and by proxy OM.Gay1 since they’re the same thing).

At the moment, I have to do a huge overhaul on the Gopher server and change how it is held together on the backend as it is using a S3 bucket for content which adds a huge latency to responses.

So, I’ve decided to fully make OH.MG only available through Gemini, which is the only version of the site I’ve really updated (granted I’ve not added anything new recently). As for the gopher project, that isn’t done yet since there are a few fixes I can do quite easily, then work out how I structure it (which is where most of the time will take).

Anyways, go enjoy if you have a Gemini client - gemini://oh.mg/


OM.Gay isn’t fully available on Gemini yet, there is port forwarding I need to setup to allow access via the relays.