The Eternal Work on the Digital Identity

The author comprehends that he has been striving hard to be too many things, somewhat running away from himself.

Photo de Lorenzo Herrera sur Unsplash

I’ve been through this many times before making many posts about the same thing usually every couple of years. In the last three it was accelerated by boredom, because COVID and because funemployment.

But I think I finally got there, I’m trying too hard to be too many things, kind of running from myself way. I’m too old for that shit now and far too broke to be ordering the next domain to restart over and over.

I mean this is probably because of the whole abandonment / daddy / mommy / insert mental disorder trigger here issues, but I ain’t no psychotherapist and capitalism ain’t gonna let me deal with that problem any time soon.

Part of this big shift to (while also using and is that is what I am, I am Kevin and I live in Paris. I’ve also been almost living in Barcelona and not exactly Québec but close enough. Can’t run from that and ChatGPT already stole my data on that topic.

Here I provide proof of my claims

Toronto 2006

Barcelona 2019

Paris, fuck knows, anytime from 2013 to today

So that brings us back to this project. Everything. Must. Come. To. / .quebec) and because I didn’t really think this plan out I didn’t install one instance of WP to use with BuddyPress but whatever we take it as we go.

Accurate vibe I’m feeling hunched over this computer

This project is breaking in to small little bits to have that “fresh” feeling and be a little more (lol) organised than the original concept of “great archive”. What I have is :

It is about as sane as I can get so far. I still have a load of the static stuff I put together for,, and which I’m not too sure what, where, and why but it’ll probably end up either subdomain stuff or integrated in to something else.

So that is where I am at, I’m more happier with this concept, and I’m not allowed to go off course (again). I do also have a professional domain + website but that is sticking to the way it is, I don’t want old business in the front party in the back to mix.