What do at sus HQ

I'll tell you one thing, it ain't a pump and dump crypto scam

It has been a busy couple of days here at conglomerated monopolistic sus headquarters, other than doing lunch and wanting to end the suffering, I’ve finally got two things running.

First one is the prequel to telling Zuckerbork to go fuck himself with Adstagram, I’ve got a Pixelfed instance running at pixel.sus.fr, it’s a touch buggy as I’m using S3 for storage since I’ve learned that self hosting large media ain’t really good.

I’ve been trying the IG import on Pixelfed with no results at the moment, I suspect this might be due to the issues one is currently having.

sad mark

Next one is something I’ve wanted to roll up for a long time, Bookwyrm over at book.sus.fr.

There were a lot of issues and there are still some, but it is the roll of the dice you take when wanting to ride blindly in to the fediverse.

Anyways, a very quick little blog post since my brain is ded from all this h4x0r1ng.

Btw, here is your reference for the title :

twatter scams