is a bit crashy lately

I have no idea why and what to do about this

Over the last couple of days I’ve gone from the server outright hanging to just the plume application stopping for no particular reason.

Technically this is an improvement but weirdly it only seems to be happening in a cloud environment since I never had this issue when I hosted the machine at home.

This kind of leaves me in a weird position, I left this on Oracle’s cloud since the response time I was getting when hosting it at home was really bad, understandably because my ADSL connection is shit and some how only my building isn’t wired up for fiber in this holy year of 2023.

I’m now really reconsidering moving the server back home since I have an available machine with plenty of disk space. It is going to be a little bit of a technical work up to do on this side I think since I also want to move the media folder on to the NAS if I’m doing this from home. The whole moving thing seems pretty easy though copy the database, re-run the search index, et paf.

aight let me think about it