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Hello Internet Traveller, you have come across my federated mind dump of a blog. I’ve been writing on the internet in various ways since the mid nineties (all of that was totally lost in time) and started a LiveJournal in the year two thousand.

I finally figured out how to inject posts into Plume so you can see a lot of the shit I wrote as an angsty teen old posts from the last twenty years here over the coming weeks.

If you want to say hi or send a manifesto of whatever is on your mind, you can use just about any fediverse tool to interact with this blog’s posts and comments @kevin@blog.sus.fr or use the traditional contact form.

Old entries can also be found at archive.sus.fr (for now)

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The Taste of Poverty

When you make too much for a food bank you're basically on your own

LiveJournal - Alas, the end always comes

A goodbye note to the LiveJournal I have loved for over twenty years, recorded here as an archived post

South Englandshire

Putting the Great in to "Don't Swim in the Water Because it's Full of Piss, Shit, and Jellyfish"

Pour one out for the Platforms that Were Lost in Time(Warner)

Yearning for the early years of journals, homepages, and all that fun stuff. Even though AngelFire sucked.

Things are Depressing

But I'm trying, as well as I can

Proton is bringing the game to the game yo

Well this is an interesting development for a digital hoarder. Btw this ain't sponsored #NotAnAd

You Are Obligated to Enjoy the Crown Day for King Sausage Fingers III

Only the appropriate opinions will be allowed citizen !

AI just be stealing shit and lying about shit

It is so hilariously bad it is almost comical how much money is being spent on it

Twitter in 2023 is better than LiveJournal in 2005

The kind of internet drama that we all live for and that we lost when ljdrama died (rip)

Soon it is birthday

He can has cheezeburger

Mood is sushi

I'm feeling this so much, sus.fr is now sushi themed for no reason. Don't judge my life choices.

No brain, no can write güd

A random update from the House of sus point fr